Hefty Birdcage Wallet Chain
Solid Steel !
Hefty Birdcage Wallet Chain
Unique Birdcage Wallet Chain  in Stainless SteelUnique Birdcage Wallet Chain  in Stainless Steel
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Unique Handmade Stainless Steel Wallet Chain in a Hefty Birdcage weave. This is our Large size Birdcage weave. "Hefty" is very fitting! This wallet chain weighs over a 1/4 of a pound, but won't weigh your wallet down! It has 4 sides to it like a box but, with an alternating fold back configuration. This creates a square-knot pattern. Also sometimes referred to as a Byzantine weave. The built chain is 9 mm thick.

Also available in a matching Chain Necklace and Chain Bracelet. 

* Wallet Not Included.

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