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Jewelry Pages

Chain NecklacesChain NecklacesA continuous pattern of stainless steel or colored titanium rings woven together to form various styles of chains. Sometimes vibrant colored aluminum is used in a variation. However these are straight forward chains WITHOUT any additional beads, trim, inserts, or other design elements.
Elaborate Chain NecklacesElaborate Chain NecklacesOur Unique Elaborate Chain Necklaces use basic chain designs in combinations, WITH various additions of beads, trim, dags, inserts, pendants, and other design elements. E.V. Elaborate Chain Necklaces are creatively designed with comfort and durability in mind. Each design has its own unique flavor. Where ever your style may fit we encourage you to express yourself in metal!
EarringsEarringsCool Handmade Stainless Steel and Titanium Chain Earrings. A gathering of rings woven together in such a way as to hang intriguingly from your ear lobe.
Chain BraceletsChain BraceletsOur Unique Chain Bracelets are packed with style! Each bracelet is patiently handmade one ring at a time. We've created a complexity of rings woven together in such a way as to adorn that extension between your forearm and your hand. Our Stainless Steel and Colored Titanium materials are highly durable. So hard work or playing hard our unique chain bracelets will always look fantastic!
Jewelry RingsJewelry RingsE.V. Jewelry Rings can be made to fit any size from 6-12. They are flat and flexible to work with every day jobs. Be comfortable and look Great! Stainless Steel and Colored Titanium are extremely durable materials that you won’t have to worry about polishing, repairing, or damaging. These Jewelry Rings lead the way in Style!
Wallet ChainsWallet ChainsThere have been occasions when I walked away from an ATM machine or cashier and almost lost my wallet! Thankfully it was attached to me because of my wallet chain! I also always feel more comfortable when in a crowd of people that I won't be pick pocketed. Our Unique Handmade Wallet Chains will also have you looking hot! Lengths available from 16-24 inches. You'll look fantastic in your new wallet chain!
Miscellaneous Cool StuffMiscellaneous Cool StuffRandom Goodies including Cool Custom Metal Key Chains & Chainmaille Curtains
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