Chain Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Chain Jewelry Care and Cleaning

So you've just bought a beautiful new piece of silver jewelry, and you want to know what you have to do to take care of it. Well first you will have to purchase...
  • Special cleaning cloths
  • silver polish paste
  • anti-tarnish jewelry box for storage
  • and develop a regular cleaning routine
  • No Wait! That's Sterling Silver- A beautiful metal, but a pain to keep un-tarnished. This is why Stainless Steel is the E.V.  material of choice. Therefore, this is what you'll need if you ever need to give your Elemental Visions jewelry a little buff up. That's correct...Dish Soap! We don't sell this fancy stuff here because you most likely already have some in the kitchen. It works perfect if you ever want to give your E.V. jewelry a little extra shine. It will cut grease to remove any body oils. Simply suds it up with dish soap under some warm running water, rinse well and pat dry in a towel.  You’re done! 

    Another beauty of Stainless Steel used in E.V. jewelry is that it won’t rust! So that means that if your jewelry gets left sitting in a puddle of water in the bathroom or by the sink where you rushed to take it off before it got wet. It will be fine. In fact there is no need to have to take it off at all. Yes, shower with your necklace on, do dishes with your bracelet or rings on! Go swimming while still adorned in your beautiful jewelry! No worries!

    An additional benefit of E.V. Chain Jewelry is its strength and durability. This goes out there to all those people who have a box in their dresser drawer of all the necklaces they need to some day untangle, repair and clean. Here you have found jewelry that you don’t have to worry about maintaining and will always be ready to wear! This works great for adults, teens and guys alike. Go ahead take an E.V. stainless steel chain necklace or bracelet and sit on it, let the baby chew on it, heck even the dog (this is when that special cleaning fluid comes in handy!) Let it rattle around in the bottom of your bag for awhile and then pull it out good as new! E.V. Stainless Steel Chain Jewelry Rocks!



1.     How is it made?

Each one of our amazing pieces is handmade one ring at a time! We open and close each ring as we weave the piece. Each piece of our stainless steel jewelry is beautiful but, takes a long time to make.

2.     How do I order my size?

The best tool for determining what size you will need is a cloth tape measure (typically used for sewing). If one of these isn’t handy, find a string, shoelace, or yarn that is longer than where you are trying to measure. Now hold this up to your neck to see where you would like your necklace to hang or wrap it around your wrist or ankle to the size that is comfortable for you. Hang on tight to the spot, mark it with a sharpie or tie a knot in it. Then double check again against you that this is the correct length. Then lay the string against a solid ruler and you’ve got your size! Please be aware that standard jewelry lengths are provided with each product with their exact price. HOWEVER, if you don’t see the size you need there, we will be happy to make it for you! This is a fantastic option for those looking for plus size or extra long Jewelry! If a price adjustment is required we will notify you by e-mail before processing your order. Jewelry Rings: The best tool for measuring your ring size is a finger sizer used by jewelers (one large ring with graduating rings with marked sizes on them). If you can’t quite play it off to stop by your local diamond ring dealer for the use of their sizer, use a piece of ribbon (closer to the ring width then string so you and ensure what will be comfortable for you to get on and off) and follow the above method and we will find your size for you!

3.     What Kind of Steel Do You Use?

Our Stainless Steel jewelry is made of alloy 304. Most of our stainless steel is drawn to a 125 KSI tensile strength. Although our 18G stainless steel jewelry is 160 KSI.  Anodized Aluminum: Add some color to your jewelry! The coating is fairly hard but can be scratched if you drag it across the pavement. The rings are anodized after they are cut so the ends are anodized as well. We use a hard temper aluminum which is stronger than annealed steel or colored copper. Anodized Titanium: The variation in color of titanium should be considered an attractive feature. It is a beautiful metal and the variance in color is beautiful as well. This metal is light weight and strong, yet looks soft and beautiful.  

4. Do you adhere to the California lead laws?

Yes we do. All of our jewelry and findings have the lowest amount, if no lead at all. All of which are considered suitable to be safe by California state law which has the strickest lead laws of any state.

 4.     Is it safe for children?

Yes. Anyone from any age group can ware our jewelry.  

5.     Is your jewelry hypoallergenic?

All the metals we use are nickel free. So it’s very friendly to those of you with sensitive skin.

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