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Unique Handcrafted Stainless Steel & Colored Titanium Chain Jewelry

Hello! This is Elemental Visions.

Its main proprietor is Mandi Glaser. 

Mandi has been making chain jewelry for the past 10 years with such a passion for it that Elemental Visions was born in order to share her creations with others. She attended School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and earned her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art Sculpture and a Certification in Art Therapy.

Thank You for visiting our site! We hope you found something to take home and enjoy!

Photographer Credits

All Jewelry Images by: Kyle Shoemaker

These photographers provide stock images and in no way are endorsing the products sold on this website.

"vintage lady" by: Julianne Gentile

"wooden moms" by: hownowdesign

"lipstick" by: viira

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Unique Handcrafted Stainless Steel and Titanium Chain Jewelry