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What is Chain Jewelry ?

A Chain is defined as a flexible interlinked series of joined metal rings. Chain Jewelry is as a series of rings or links used as a necklace, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry. At E.V. we handcraft series of rings in various weave patterns to create beautiful jewelry. Here you will find unique and sophisticated chain patterns fashioned as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and jewelry rings. Our primary metals consist of Stainless Steel, Blackened Stainless Steel, Colored Aluminum, and Colored Titanium. Each of these metals provides great durability and color properties for our unique chain jewelry. Check out our Jewelry Pages to see all our unique handmade chain jewelry styles!



All Jewelry Ring Styles Now 35% Off !

We have made a large bulk purchase of our jewelry ring materials and our supplier gave us a Great discount! We want to pass this on to our customers by offering 35% Off our regular price on all jewelry rings. Unfortunately we can only make this special offer until our stock runs out. Orders are coming in quick so place yours while discounted supplies are still available!

Click Here to see All Our Jewelry Ring Styles.  Sizes are available from 6-12.

Reasons to Love Elemental Visions Chain Jewelry ! 

Texture: It amazes me again and again that a material as hard as stainless steel can have the fluid feel of a luxurious fabric. When hundreds of stainless steel rings are woven together this hard, cold metal becomes soft, warm, smooth and silky. The rings which make up the weave of an E.V. stainless steel jewelry piece will turn slightly creating movement in the chain. Once you get your hands on some you won’t want to let it go. Each pattern has its own inherent rhythm.  

Weight: Personally I like an object that has weight to it. It gives it an existence, lets you know that it’s there. Not so heavy that it is a burden, but if it’s light as a feather- it looses presence. Like a beautiful sculpture you see than pick it up and your arm flies. This is because it’s hollow, filled with air. Beauty is not only an external affair- It is created from the inside out. 

Feel: I’ve been creating and wearing my own handcrafted jewelry for several years. Often you will find me, in a moment when I’m standing still, unconsciously touching my wallet chain, earrings, necklace or ring. I find comfort in the seductive, repetitive patterns. Sometimes I will stare at a pattern, even one I’ve mastered, and perplex in awe at how it came to be created. 

Many Qualities of E.V. Jewelry: This amazing material can come off soft and delicate, strong and bold, hard, tough, supple, flexible…Yet underneath it all, a Stainless Steel Jewelry piece is virtually indestructible. It won’t rust, break*, tarnish, change your skin colors, or cause a skin reaction. 

*Breakage of the chain itself is highly unlikely- unless maybe used as a tow cable. Unfortunately clasps aren’t always forged as tough. Here at E.V. we search resources to provide closures that match our products strength and durability to the best available. No cause for concern, we offer a Lifetime Warranty! Check out our FAQ for more details. 

We Do Custom Work ! 

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for in our products, but like the look and would like something custom made, simply send an email to custom@elementalvisions.net. Please include as much detail as possible about what you are looking for. We can make a sample and email you images of what the elements would look like. We will be more than happy to correspond with you to create a piece to your design! 

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